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Denim Days

Denim first hit our world as a durable material tough enough to wear while chopping wood in the beginning of the 17th century. Super exciting, right? Lol. It didn’t become the fashion basic that we know today until the 1950’s when movie stars started wearing it in the form of what we call jeans. Anyone else have a James Dean day dream at the thought of that ;)?

Today, we want to share a few of our favorite denim looks with y’all! Of course the first is…

Denim Jeans

denim jeans

Jeans are the go to in the pants department (not counting leggings, if we are being honest). They come in every shape and color but the classic blue will never go out of style. Although we are excited that the bell bottom shape is coming back in style, straight leg silhouettes like these are our favorite. Perfect to tuck into boots or wear with sexy pumps.

denim jeans details

Denim Dress

denim dress

Now commonly known as “Chambray,” this look is perfect for any fashionista. Dress it up, dress it down, use it as a coverup at the beach…it seriously does it all.

denim dress details

And you would’t believe how soft it is!

Denim Jacket

Another piece rich in American fashion history (super interesting article by Glamour here), the jean jacket has had so many roles in our lives. From rocking bejeweled ones in gradeschool to using them to make tank tops appropriate in high school (please tell us we weren’t the only ones), the jean jacket deserves your respect.

denim jacket

This one, which we carry in 3 great denim shades, is everything you will ever need in a jean jacket: classic shape that flatters any figure, durable yet soft fabric, and darn cute over any outfit.

denim jacket details

Overalls, shorts, tops, shoes, we don’t discriminate when it comes to denim. Whats your favorite denim look? Comment below after taking a moment of silence for the ultimate outfit made of jean…

denim justin-timberlake-09-768_opt

Photo via

Cozy in a Cardigan

If we had to choose one item in our wardrobe to wear during all seasons, it would HAVE to be the cardigan. You can wear it over a bikini in the summer, with a dress in the spring, with boots in the fall and as an additional layer in the winter (y’all know we love layers)! The possibilities are truly endless which is why we suggest investing in a great one NOW while we have so many great options!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Cardigan #1

cardigan This super soft sweater is the bomb and we especially love the length. Fashion bloggers like Emily, from Life with Emily, and Caitlin, from Southern Curls and Pearls, have been rocking similar looks this year and we are definitely trying to follow their lead! cardigan

Cardigan #2

cardigan This cardigan is fun for a day shopping or even relaxing around the house like blogger Mckenna Bleu is here. Since it has tons of fun colors in it, finding something to wear under it will be so easy. Our model is wearing a simple tank, but we’d love to see it with a white button down and navy slacks for a work appropriate look…any takers?

Cardigan #3


While this cardigan doesn’t transcend the seasons like the others do, we just had to include it in this list! The faux fur adds an element of glamour to the aztec print and we can’t get enough.


Thanks for checking out this weeks “Fashion Friday” post! We are planning a special post for the week of Valentine’s Day and would LOVE to see how you style your Foxy wear! So show us some love and send your pics to for a chance to be featured 😉 you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity! xoxo


Outfit for a Date Night

Whether you are single, in a new relationship, or been married for years, having an occasional date night is a must!

There is something about getting gussied up and going out on that town that makes us feel refreshed and beautiful, can we get an amen? So we have put together a few looks to help inspire your look for your next date night. So watch this smoky eye makeup tutorial and get ready, cause here we go…

Date Night Look 1: Bronze Goddess

date night dress

When we think about getting glam, metallics immediately come to mind. This copper dress is the perfect amount of classy, with the long sleeves, and sexy, with the open back.

date night dress

Add some tights or knee high boots for warmth and you are good to go!

Date Night Look 2: Romantic A-Line

date night

In our opinion, an A-Line dress is one of God’s gifts to fashion. It is always fashionable and flattering. This red number with keyhole neckline and long sleeves goes from dinner to dancing as easy as 1, 2, 3.

date night

It is also a more conservative dress that would also look great with a scarf at church!

Date Night Look 3: High Neck 90’s Gal

date night

The first time we noticed the high neck coming back into style, we were so pumped! We will forever cherish the Spice Girl look and this dress is the epitome of that!

date night

This fun dress is flirty and adjustable for a girl of any height!

Date night

We know what your thinking,…”there’s nothing fun to do and get dressed up for.” Life is what you make of it! So be that girl that initiates the fun! Host a semi fancy wine and cheese party, tell your man you got a baby sitter and y’all are going to your fav restaurant, the Oscars are coming up in a month…host a killer viewing party with fun games like this bingo! The possibilities are endless! Make sure to send us pics too so we can see all the fun 😉

PS don’t forget to stop by this Saturday if you are attending the OBX wedding expo! You could win a $100 gift card to the foxiest place in the Outer Banks to help get your bridesmaids gifts or a cute outfit for your next bridal occasion 😉

Bridesmaid Gifts

So you’re getting married? Congrats! We know there are a THOUSAND moving parts to a wedding so let us help you with figuring out the perfect bridesmaid gifts!

We have had many foxy ladies tie the knot over the years and each time, they come in hunting for that perfect gift for their girls. They want a gift thats unique yet useful. One thats fun but has meaning behind it.

Well, we have put together some great options for y’all. The most popular of which is an All Washed Up necklace!

All washed up bridesmaid gift

These necklaces are highly coveted here in the Outer Banks and are so cool because they are made by two local sisters!


You can also personalize them to say just about anything you want. “Mermaid” and “Salty” are two of our favorites. Our inventory is always changing when it comes to these beauties so be sure to give us a call if you want to reserve any special ones for your Bridesmaids.

Maybe you like the idea of a necklace but want something louder, more colorful, like your friendship with your best gals. These handmade tassel necklaces are always a huge hit!


They look great in the summer with a fun floral dress or even in the winter over a basic black top, like our model below is wearing…


Another great option would be a new clutch! Because time with your girls is always “clutch.” Lol.


These are oh so versatile with a detachable strap and come in practically every color so you could even choose one to match your wedding color pallet! #toocute

Bridesmaids gifts

Your bridesmaids will be ecstatic!

And don’t forget, presentation is important too! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We can wrap everything beautifully so all you have to do is write a sweet little love note to go along with it!

When it comes to wedding planning, knocking out as much as possible in the beginning always alleviates stress the month of the big day. We know a bunch of you Foxy ladies will be at the OBX Wedding Expo next weekend #marriedonasandbar. If you are attending, make sure to stop by and see us so we can help you get your Bridesmaid gifts checked off your to do list! Pssst…and we may be offering a special discount to you ladies too 😉

Layer Up!

Did we call it being warm on Christmas or WHAT?! Haha…it may have even been a new record. Anyhow, in the last week we have had a few cooler days so we are advising our customers to layer up!

There is nothing worse than bundling up for work only to be sweating by the middle of the day. Layering allows you to rock those winter looks but still be comfortable throughout the day.

One of our favorite layering techniques of the season includes utilizing patterns!

jacket layer 2

Layer Tip 1: Throw on a jacket and a hat!

This utility jacket with fair isle patterned sweater arms is oh so soft and cozy! Our model has the coat as a top layer with a basic tank underneath and a long hot pink necklace for a pop of color. Not only is this hat ultra chic, but it is perfect for keeping warm. After all, most of our internal heat releases from our heads!

jacket layer

Layer Tip 2: Sun’s out, guns out.

Its no secret that we love a good vest for a top layer, but when its got a great pattern AND tassels, we are alllll about it! A vest may seem like a  goofy choice for trying to keep warm but they are actually a Godsend. They allow insulation for your body but keep your arms free. No need to roll up your sleeves here.

vest layer 2

Not only does this vest look great with the casual outfit that the model is wearing it with, but it would also look perfect layered over a dress with booties for a date night.

vest layer

When choosing your layers, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. You can pair them with practically anything and get maximum use out of them through winter and even into the spring! But most importantly, have fun with it!

Make sure to tag us in any pics you take after using our tips for a chance to be featured on the blog soon 😉