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Why you need a romper…

The item of clothing that we hear the MOST mixed reviews about is the romper. Ladies either absolutely love them and cant live without them or they won’t get within 5 feet of them.

We must insist that they are one of the best things to happen to women’s fashion and here is why…

A romper is an WHOLE outfit all in one!

floral romper

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Putting an outfit together for any occasion can be time consuming and draining (can we get an amen?). How many times have you stared into your closet praying that something will match your favorite top? With rompers, you don’t have to do that! The whole look is ready for you to throw on and go!

A romper is ridiculously comfortable.

tassel romper

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Just as leggings are your go to during the fall and winter for style and comfort, rompers should be for warmer months. Rompers are like wearing PJs, yall! They are not constricting and almost always soft. So you can order dessert at dinner and not have to unbutton ;).

There is a romper for every shape!

ombre romper

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The biggest argument we get about rompers is that they “weren’t made for my body.” You sound like the adults on Charlie Brown to us when you say that (listen here, lol). Just like one particular dress might be too short for a taller girl, doesn’t mean that girl will never wear dresses. She just has to find the right one for her body type, one with a longer inseam. The same goes for rompers! Whether you are short like Julia from Gal Meets Glam, or taller like Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere, you don’t want to miss out on the best trend ever! Just because the first 2 rompers you ever tried didn’t work, don’t give up! You’ll thank us later 😉

just keep trying on rompers

We LOVE Y’all!

Love doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about alllll of our customers! From in store to online, each of you is unique and gorgeous! In the spirit of that, we asked YALL to tag us in your fav Foxy outfit and OMG! From summer to winter, y’all were rockin’ your foxy looks.

love customers1

To start, our glam girl @feathers_andsparkles is lookin’ so festive in our “Merry and Bright” baseball tee! The sparkly pants were a great choice to dress up the look!

Love our customers 2_optNext, @markee.marq is braving the chilly beach in the cutest piko and scarf! Love the joy in her smile! You go girl!

love our cust

This sweater dress that @tilleysthreads is rockin’ was one of our fall favorites! The booties add a fun and edgy touch to the look!

love our customers 4_opt_opt

And now those sweet summertime looks that we are known for…@lindsaygranger, your gorgeous tan and cute foxy look is making us anxious for warm weather!

love our customers3_opt

We love this look just about as much as @_ashlynpaige17_ seems to love that duck! What a cute accessory 😉

Want to be featured on our next customer post? Tag us on Instagram with #myfoxyfavorite and your face might be seen here next!

And even better, you could win a gift certificate for even more Foxy fashion!

Congrats to @markee.marq! Comment below with your email and we will send you your prize!

Talkin’ Tunic

Besides spa time, the tunic might be our favorite thing that has come from the Roman culture.

The frock we all know was originally worn over togas (talk about layering in the heat) by the more elite of society. It has since evolved into the perfect transition piece for spring that everyone should add to their closet!

The length allows you to wear it with leggings, jeans, or boots! You could even bare leg it on those warmer days that we PRAY are on their way. Hopefully the ground hog didn’t pull a Steve Harvey last week (lol, that video never gets old). Did y’all laugh at that T Mobile Super Bowl commercial as much as we did?!


Speaking of the Super Bowl, we are def still sad that our Panthers lost last week but we’re still proud of them! This black and white tunic paired with a turquoise necklace is the perfect outfit to show that you’ll never forget and can’t wait till next season!


We also love this psychedelic patterned one that puts us in the mood for a fun night wayyyyy more than that freaky puppy-monkey-baby

blue tunic

This sweet blue and yellow patterned one makes us smile just about as much as those adorable Wiener dogs on the Heinz commercial!

tunic sleeveless

This sleeveless one is so hot and although we have run out of Super bowl references, we will leave you with the full version of the Super Bowl babies song because it literally has been in our heads ALL WEEK. We don’t hate it #cutnessoverload.

Basic Tank Top

“It’s like a tank top.” Does anyone remember when Miley Cyrus did the Miley and Mandy show on youtube? We’re talkin’ like pre-VMA craziness…brace yourselves. Well, they did one video where they cleaned out Miley’s closet and the tank top was a reoccurring theme…watch it here (if you can bare it haha).

There is a lot of painful/boring commentary in that video which really makes us wonder how it has over 4 MILLION views, but we suggest doing as Miley does and cleansing your closet of your tank tops!

The tank top…the cami…the camisole…we know you’ve collected at ton over the years and we can confidently tell you to trash them because we have the only one you’ll ever need…

green tank top

We call them our stretch tanks and we have carried them for years because of one simple reason…our customers LOVE them!

maroon tank top

They are one size fits all and the softest thing you will ever put on your body. We know you may be skeptical about the ‘one size fits all’ label, but we have seen women of many sizes, from plus sized beauties to petite minis, rock this universally flattering tank.

purple tank top

No matter the season, these things are the bomb and at only $12 each, you can really stock up! Plus we have them in practically every color so you can find one to go under any sweater or kimono or even to wear by itself.

light purple tank top

So take our word for it and try one (or seven). You won’t be sorry and your closet will thank you for donating those 10-year-old Hollister tanks tops to your local Goodwill. Don’t be ashamed, we all had those days….