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Comfy Casual

Do you ever find yourself at work, dreaming of the weekend…andddd looking at cat memes? We do all the time. They’re hilarious.

comfy casual pocket cat

Cats are notorious for finding comfort no matter the circumstance!

comfy casual cat nap

We aspire to be more like cats in this way which is why we are talking about our favorite comfy casual looks today!

Look #1: The Comfy Casual Cardi

comfy casual cardi

A cardigan is on of the most effortless ways to add comfort to your look. It is like throwing on a sweatshirt but fancier! This cardigan‘s grey heather hue really makes us want to snuggle up and read a book…

Look #2: Comfy with a Cinched Waste

comfy casual dress

This dress seriously has it all…It is comfortable and has a cinched waste that will flatter any figure! Wear it with wedges for a night at your fav restaurant or with flip flops on your way to the grocery store.

Look #3: Sassy Tank


Any top with a fun saying on it is winner for us and if we are being honest… we are always in a gypsy state of mind. This graphic tee is soft and allows you to be chic while lounging #goals.

Speaking of lounging, we know we aren’t the only ones still trying to adjust to daylight saving time. This weekend’s schedule: relaxation in our fav comfy casual wear. This cat has the right idea…

comfy causal kitten

Eclectic Easter Dress

My Church by Maren Morris has been on repeat in our cars lately (if you haven’t heard it, listen as you read today’s post). Maren’s song is catchy and fun, and all about how listening to good music while cruising on the highway with her windows down is when she feels most alive. Amen to that sister!

Speaking of cruising, if you follow us on snapchat (@foxyflamingo, get on it) then you know we shot our Spring lookbook in a gas station last week. Yes, a gas station! It was awesome! And the pics turned out even better than imagined thanks to our photographer Sarah and our coordinator Renee.

Today we want to show you a few of our favorites that would make the perfect Easter outfit!

Have a Pineapple Easter

pineapple easter dress

Is there anything better than a dress with pineapples on it?! We think not! This gorgeous maxi is perfect for Easter and goes from church to brunch like it’s #NBD.

Easter in Pink

lace easter dress

Pastels are a staple when it comes to Easter and this lace, drop waist dress is perfect for keeping it classy. You can add a cardigan if it is a chilly day or throw on some booties to make it a little edgier.

Easter Goddess

tassel easter dress

We love tassels just about as much as we love pineapples. This high neck maxi, complete with tassel trim, can be dressed down with a jean jacket or dressed up with heels and some ‘All Washed Up’ baubles.

Chic Easter Chick

gingham easter dress

Gingham is another staple of the holiday in our opinion and this dress is the cutest! It looks like it is straight out of the 50’s and oh so chic!

Check out more great Foxy options here and wherever your church is…in a car, in a building or at the beach… you’ll be lookin’ good ;).

OOTD for Saint Patrick’s Day

With less than a week until St. Patrick’s Day (fyi, it’s March 17th), we consider it our moral obligation as fashion fanatics to help you find the perfect green outfit! Why must you wear green you may wonder? To make yourself invisible to the leprechauns, duh!

Outfit #1: A St. Patrick Worthy Cape

st patrick outfit: kimono

Shop this outfit here.

Ok, its more of a kimono or cardigan than a cape…nonetheless, it is perfect for the holiday! We especially love the boho feel of the fringe and how it adds a pop of color to this otherwise neutral outfit.

Outfit #2: St. Pattys Party Time Pants

st patrick outfit: pants

Shop this outfit here.

We know for a fact than many of you ladies are going to be hitting the dance floor for this holiday so why not do it in comfort! These pants are not only soft but oh so chic. Great for step dancing (so impressive) or when its Hammer time (equally as impressive).

Outfit #3: Lucky Charms Dress

st patrick outfit: dress

Shop this outfit here.

This dress is magically delicious (for a flashback to the 90’s click here, lol) and is just about as colorful as a bowl of lucky charms! Rock it with sandals or boots!

Outfit #4: Patrick Loves Peplums

St Patrick Outfit: Peplum

Shop this outfit here.

Suns out, guns out! This tank features two of the season’s hottest trends all in one…the peplum and the high neck.

So wether you are celebrating at an Irish pub or just grabbing a Shamrock Shake (NOM!), make sure you are wearing your green on you could be pinched!  Want to celebrate at home? Try making one of these delicious concoctions…let us know how it tastes ;)!

Stand Out Purses

Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, said, “Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others.”

We are all about standing out from the crowd here at Foxy and one of our favorite ways to do that is with purses! They come in all sizes, colors and are begging to be mixed into your wardrobe!

quilted purses

Chanel is known for their quilted purses but this clutch is a fun and funky twist on the trend (plus the price tag makes so much more sense lol). The mint color is perfect for spring and we love that it can be carried as a clutch or wristlet. Of course it goes with any neutral outfit, but we support it with all looks, especially colorful ones! Remember, be unique!

cork purses

This clutch looks like a party if we’ve ever seen one…Its practically made out of wine corks and it’s covered in confetti! Insert all the praise hands emojis. It doesn’t get more fun than that ladies. This clutch will bring spice to any outfit and with its neutral coloring, you’ll wear it alllll the time!

fringe purses

When it comes to fringe, you can never have enough. It seriously transcends all seasons. This gold crossbody is a testament to that. Neutral enough to wear with anything, yet crazy enough to draw everyones attention (which should be your goal, Ms. Fashionista).

Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were  born to stand out?” We couldn’t agree more. And we want to see how you stand out in your Foxy fashion! Follow us on Instagram @foxyflamingobouqitue and hashtag your pics with #myfoxyfavorite and we might feature you on the blog in the future (like we did with these ladies) and give you a Foxy Flamingo gift card!

Want more purses? Check out this pink fringe one…omg or this adorable octopus one! We can’t even…so much cuteness!