Wardrobe Must: Unique Turtleneck

Nothing says “baby its getting colder outside” like a unique turtleneck. That’s how the song goes, right 😉 ? Anyhow the high 60s and low 70s we have been experiencing on the east coast have us excited to share this new wardrobe must with y’all.

Look #1: Cozy Days Turtleneck

Cozy unique turtleneck

This turtleneck has SO much going for it. One, it is so neutral. Two, it has tassels. Three…IT IS SO SOFT. Plus it also comes in grey. We’d get both if we were you.

Look #2: Lighter Fair Turtleneck

Open back unique turtleneck

We are fully aware that some people don’t like turtlenecks because they don’t like the feeling of material that close to their neck. This turtleneck solves that issue and is so chic. The light material is comfortable and easy to wear. And wait till you see the back 😉 .

Look #3: The MOST Unique Turtleneck


Sparkles and all. When this ultra unique turtleneck came out of the box, we were all in awe of its beauty! The asymmetrical hem is very on trend and the two tone coloring makes it out of this world. We also love that it is sleeveless! A show stopper, for sure.

These unique turtlenecks and more can be found in store and online at foxyflamingoboutique.com! Feel free to give us a call or an email if you have any questions on sizing, material or if you just want suggestions on what to pair each item with. You haven’t lived till you’ve seen our shoe selection!

Don’t forget, if you post a picture of you in your Foxy wear to tag us! You never know…we might regram you or put you right here on our blog!

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